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The mission of IE Lab NTUA is to prepare students who will be future leaders in science and industry. For this reason, the Laboratory carries out research on cutting-edge fields related to the organization of the production of products and services and the management of systems, trying to overcome challenges at the Greek and international level in a modern way.

In order to achieve its mission, the Laboratory carries out:

  • Scientific advancements in the fields it is involved.

  • Dissemination of knowledge through the publication of scientific articles and books.

  • Implementation of basic and applied research, independently or through funded research programs.

  • Provision of services to private or public organizations in the fields of its activity.

  • Organization of seminars, laboratory courses and exercises.

  • Organization of conferences and workshops with scientists from Greece and abroad.

  • Collaboration with academic institutions and research centers, institutes and other scientific organizations that have similar or complementary interests.

  • Collaboration with private companies and public institutions for the practical application of scientific research.

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