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WATSON Project Officially Started

🔹The kick-off meeting of WATSON took place at University College Dublin on 13-14 March 2023. About 70 participants from 44 project partners and 19 countries attended the meeting, discussing the tasks’ objectives and expected outcomes, as well as the next steps of the project.

🌐WATSON is an ambitious HORIZON project aiming to prevent fraud in food supply chains through digital and intelligence-based technologies.

👉Industrial Engineering Laboratory NTUA is responsible for tasks concerning the deployment of the blockchain in food supply chains and the requirements analysis of the platform to combat fraud in various value chains, including wine, olive oil, honey, meat, fish, cereals, and diaries.

🔹Nikolaos Panayiotou and Sotiris Gayialis attended the meeting, presenting NTUA's tasks, discussing work to be done, and preparing the next steps and collaborations.

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