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Research Interests

IE Lab NTUA specializes in a number of disciplines and research interests, such as:

  • Management of production, maintenance and supply chain through the use of modern methods, technologies and information systems

  • Application of methods, tools and technologies of the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) to solve a number of business problems of industrial companies

  • Application of modern approaches and technologies for the transformation of the industrial production and the supply chain, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital twins

  • Development of costing models and implementation of activity-based costing and activity-based management

  • Application of methodologies of lean production, lean management and lean six sigma for continuous improvement

  • Implementation of business process management (BPM) initiatives in which process design, performance measurement, process improvement, process reengineering and process automation are carried out

  • Development and implementation of enterprise architectures and modeling frameworks for implementing enterprise BPM initiatives

  • Application of methods and tools for process mining

  • Application of data analytics in a number of business problems

  • Development of reference models for a number of industry sectors

  • Support for the implementation of enterprise information systems, through the: development and application of methodologies for the implementation and integration of information systems, execution of feasibility studies for the implementation of information systems, formulation of specifications for the selection or development of business software, Business Blueprint configuration for enterprise software implementation, project management for the development of information systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MES (Manufacturing Execution System), SCM (supply chain management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other enterprise software

  • Design and development of software for supporting operations, such as production planning and control, supply chain traceability, vehicle routing and deliveries scheduling

  • Development of advanced operational research algorithms to solve problems, such as production planning, capacity balancing, demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, vehicle routing

  • Design of multicriteria analysis models and algorithms to support administrative, tactical and operational business decisions

  • Integration of operational research algorithms in decision support systems and advanced planning and scheduling systems

  • Development of computational tools for a wide range of optimization problems with applications in the minimization of energy production costs and the maximization of energy system performance.

  • Development of models for Daily Power Planning, as well as Medium-long-term Energy Planning, using newer evolutionary and hybrid computing techniques.

  • Optimization of energy production costs by developing flexible loads as energy storage methods (such as electrification, pumped storage, coastal wind farms for green hydrogen production, BESS (battery energy storage systems) etc.)

  • Implementation of benchmarking approaches and development of performance indicator systems for the evaluation of enterprise operation

  • Implementation of process-oriented operational risk management methodologies in companies and organizations

  • Implementation of methodologies of corporate social responsibility and strategic business planning of organizations

IE Lab NTUA develops and applies the above disciplines and research interests in the full range of its activities:

  • Academic course support of the curriculum of the School of Mechanical Engineering and the Postgraduate Athens MBA Program

  • Implementation of diploma theses and doctoral dissertations of students of the School of Mechanical Engineering

  • Implementation of applied research projects

  • Implementation of private or public projects in companies and public organizations

  • Training, coaching and other educational activities

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